Pizza Peel

RLP: (USD) $32.99

🍕 BEVELED EDGES – Slide your pizza dough on and off the metal pizza peel effortlessly. Our spatula is shaped with sloping edges to make it easier to put the pizza in the oven or take it out.

🍕 FOLDS FOR EASY STORAGE – There’s no room for cluttered tools in an organized kitchen. Our pizza peel or paddle is foldable – a handy cooking or baking accessory that’s easy to store!

🍕 DETACHABLE OAK HANDLE – Made of sturdy American oak wood, our pizza spatula’s handle is removable and also has a rotational lock mechanism that’s secure when folded or deployed.

🍕 EASY PEEL ALUMINUM SURFACE – The surface of our pizza turner is treated with a protective layer that won’t react to acidic food, also making it easy to clean and strong against corrosion.

🍕 THE PERFECT GIFT FOR PIZZA LOVERS – Know someone who loves bread or Italian food? Our pizza baking tools will make a great gift for Christmas or birthdays. Encourage them to make their own pizza!

Pizza Stone (out of stock)

RLP: (USD) $24.99

🍕 BALANCED HEAT DISTRIBUTION – Made of cordierite and kaolin clay, our baking stone evenly distributes heat while absorbing moisture – the secret to a perfect, delicious crispy crust!

🍕 THE PERFECT SIZE & SHAPE – Our oven pizza stone measures 12.6″ in diameter–more than enough to fit a large pizza for you and your family! At .5” the stone has just the right bulk–not too dense or thin. This allows it to retain more heat between uses, and not take so much time to preheat. A conical edge lets you easily grip and handle the stone.

🍕 A MULTIFUNCTIONAL KITCHEN TOOL – More than a pizza-making tool, you can also use our heat-safe stone bakeware for pita, bread, or quesadillas. Use it in the oven, over charcoal, or on a grill.

🍕 LONG-LASTING, EXCELLENT QUALITY – Stains, marks, and color changes that will appear after multiple uses are perfectly normal and will not affect the performance of the oven stone in any way.

🍕 A GREAT GIFT FOR COOKS & BAKERS – Our durable pizza baking stone will make a great present for anyone in your life who spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking scrumptious dishes.

Pizza Peel & Stone (out of stock)

RLP: (USD) $49.99

🍕 A PIZZA-MAKING BUNDLE – Stop ordering pizza and start making your own from scratch. Equip yourself with the essential pizza baking set: a phenomenal pizza peel and a sturdy baking stone.

🍕 THE RIGHT SIZE – Our pizza-making tools fit most ovens and are spacious enough for your pizza. The metal pizza peel’s shovel area is 12.6″ x 12.6” while the stone measures 12.6” in diameter.

🍕 MULTI-PURPOSE KITCHEN TOOLS – Whether you’re preparing a homemade pizza or making bread, pastries, biscuits, pita, crackers, or quesadilla, our peel and stone can be used in a variety of ways!

🍕 EASY CLEANING – The paddle will be good as new after washing it with water and a mild soap, while the large pizza stone can be cleaned with water – and baking soda, if needed – then dried.

🍕 A GREAT GIFT FOR THE COOKS IN YOUR LIFE – Know someone who loves being in the kitchen? Our grill pizza stone and peel bundle will make an great present for folks who want their pizza made from scratch!